Pinghu Yipinxiang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Pinghu Dingmao Hardware Factory, which was established in 2006. The company mainly produces all kinds of hinge fittings, including hinge bearings, bushings, pins and other supporting products, the production process is formed by cold pier equipment extrusion.

In 2016, the Company was established to meet the development needs. Through various ways such as building plants, acquiring equipment and training personnel, we have developed a variety of cold pier forming welded hinges on the basis of maintaining the supply of the original hinge parts. These products can be produced mechanically, with reliable quality, suitable for mass production and have obvious cost advantages. Since the development of the products, they have been widely loved by distributors in many countries.

Finely Crafted
Rigorous product quality control
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Excellent Quality
ISO 9001 certifaction
16 years of professional hardware products production
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